Contact Lens Fittings

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Contact Lens Fittings

We fit all types of contact lenses:

-Soft Contact Lenses for near sighted and farsighted patients

-Soft Contact Lenses for patients with astigmatism

-Soft Contact Lenses for patients needed a bifocal or “multifocal” correction

-One Day Contact Lenses (lenses worn just one day and then thrown away)-great for new wearers, young patients, those with allergies or dry eye, and those patients with an on the go, or very active life style)

-Gas Permeable Lenses for all prescription types

-Custom/Specialty Lenses for patients with Keratoconus or other ocular needs

We have an excellent contact lens fitting policy:

The contact lens fitting includes a thorough instruction from our contact lens technician on the proper care and insertion and removal of the contact lenses for those patients new to contact lenses. All follow up visits and contact lens trials (during a 90 day global period)  needed to determine the most accurate and appropriate contact lens prescription for each patient are also included.

We also have a “buy em back” contact lens policy: if you are unhappy with the comfort of contacts or your prescription changed, we will credit your purchase and return the contact lenses and replace them with the new power or brand.

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