Lasik Consultations

Posted on Jan 26, 2017 | 0 comments

Lasik Consultations

LASIK or laser eye surgery can be absolutely life changing for some patients. We provide FREE LASIK consults to determine if a patient is a good candidate for surgery. We provide excellent care and education to our patients considering this option for vision correction.

LASIK is a possible option after age 21 and after the prescription has not changed for 2 years.

We work with TLC Laser Centers in Charlotte, NC. If you are determined to be a candidate for LASIK at Premier Family Eye Care, we will refer you to a TLC Laser Center to have a free pre-screening evaluation to determine the right type of surgery for you and to make the final determination about your eyes and laser vision correction. LASIK surgery as well as a 1 day follow up  is performed by a surgeon at TLC. The remaining follow up visits are with your same doctor at Premier Family Eye Care.



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